Upcoming Events

Click on the event images for a full flyer! All Events are at the Monroe Center for Healthy Aging, unless otherwise specified.

A note about program fees

Most programs at our center are free. Paid instructor programs and some others do have a charge - usually $1 to $5 per session. You can pay in advance if you would like.

If you are a non-member who participates in fee programs, the usual cost is slightly more than the member price. We would like you to be members although membership is not required to participate.

Rescue Dog Visit

Thursday, October 8th, join Cheryl Wassus at 10:30 AM at the center, as she shares her therapy dog with us.

Senior Safety Summit

Flu Shots

Keep yourself healthy this winter!

A Fall Festival of Music

Presented by Monroe Community Players. There will be basket and 50-50 raffles. The menu will include baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, squash, green beans with almonds and apple cobbler!

BBQ Chicken Fundraiser

Wednesday, October 4th, join us at the center, with Music by Bob Wurst! Only $6! Please RSVP by calling (734) 241-0404

The House I Lived In

Remember when . . . houses had no closets . . . no central heating . . . outhouses, . . . and maybe a hand pump for water?

We invite you to take a stroll down memory lane as Jim DeVries shows some floor plans from 100 years ago, including Sears Houses from the 1920s, and shares some memories of what it was like to grow up in a time with no technology and before electricity.

What did your family use for heat? Light? Come share your memories.


Rescue Dog Visit

Tuesday, October 20th, join Cheryl Wassus at 10:30 AM at the center, as she shares her therapy dog with us.

Card Party

Tickets are $6 per person, which includes prizes and supper at 3:30 PM!

Health Odyssey

The next Health Odyssey Program is October 22nd, 2015 sponsored by Promedica Monroe Regional Hospital. Lunch Served at 11:30 a.m. with program will discuss Prescription Medications.

Investment Fraud Presentation

Caregiver Support Group

Movie Day

This delightful British film presents the story of a group of energetic, determined women who devise an ingenious way to raise money for worthy projects in their community. You will enjoy their antics and the mischief that follows!

Halloween Party

Join us, on Friday, October 30th, 2015 from 1:00 AM 10 1 PM! You'll have a scream!

Diabetic Shoe Clinic

Approximately 8.4% of the world's adult population has been diagnosed with diabetes! This is the population most at-risk for unnecessary amputations due to poor foot health.

The Therapeutic Shoe Bill authorizes insurance companies to cover preventative care for diabetics who have qualifying foot conditions. Ask your doctor if you qualify for a prescription for diabetic shoes and inserts.